Crazy Limited Time Bonus Offer - Private LIVE 4 Week Queen of Insta Container & 30 Day of Reels
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What if you were given all the secrets, systems & support to skyrocket your instagram to elevate your results?
In just 30 days transform from having no idea what you are doing to exploding instagram with ease.
Implement the exact strategy that has taken Chelsea to the top of 2 NWM business models

Why Reels
Why you NEED to be on Instagram and why Reels
Build Audience
How to get more followers FAST using Reels
Raving Fans
How to turn your followers into raving fans throwing their credit cards at you!
"Keep it Reel is the answer for women in online business wanting to blow it up on Instagram, the easy way."
Here is the problem so many women face….
You know you need a Kick arse Insta presence…. But you don’t know where to start.
You are posting like crazy on insta ……but you're getting no traction.
You have the following …. But you have no idea how to get them to buy from you.
Imagine being given the Secret Sauce
To help you master Instagram
Give you a clear pathway
To create a magnetic Social media brand
Elevate your brand effortlessly attracting customers
Meet Chelsea.....Social Media Strategist
Social media is word of mouth of steroids! And that steroid at the moment is “Reels” 
We need to be utilising this tool for building and exposure. With over a decade of building online I understand the frustration people have when starting to build on Social media. 
I’ve used this space to build 4 online business’s to the top 1% globally. I love Social Media and the learning about it. 
With a good strategy and plan social media doesn’t have to be a scary place.  It’s a simple tool to build and elevate your brand. 
When I’m not helping people grow online I love spending time with my 3 children, massages and eating chocolate 🤣
Can’t wait to help you grow the confidence to use reels and take your social media presence to that next level.
Meet Jo.....Co Creator of NWM Women

My passion is to teach, motivate and inspire every day. 

Because when you believe in yourself (and in your path and vision) everything in life becomes possible.

When people are living their best lives the world becomes a bit better too.

My decades of experience in senior executive roles in the corporate world left me feeling stressed and unhappy. 

After all, I had a dream of the life I wanted to create.  

But it felt like I couldn't access it.  

So what did I do?  

I took the leap anyway.

Worked my arse off and became a top 1% network marketer. 

Now, when I’m not helping driven network marketers climb into the 1%... 

You can catch me enjoying the beach, hanging with my friends, or biking with my boys. 

I’m so delighted to welcome you to Keep it Reel.

The game-changing program that you and your business deserve.

Much more than just an instagram Course!
 Knowing why instagram & reels right now
How to build a brand strategy on instagram
Create a content strategy that you can easily implement
How to create a content strategy and plan your execution
Tips tricks and hacks to to increase your online business success
$555 $277
Access to Private Community

4 Module Online Portal

Plus, If you pay in full.
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4 x LIVE Weekly Workshops with Chelsea and Jo

AND Chelsea's 30 Days
of Insta content!
Bonus 1 - 4 weeks with Insta Queen
Get inside a Private 4 Week Queen of Insta Container for the support and where the workshops will be held
Bonus 2 - 30 Days of Reels 
Get Chelsea's secret to getting more exposure with 30 days of Reel content ideas to create content and consistent reels gets to be easy!!